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11 May 18
Philadelphia, PA, United States
3 Mar 18
2450 North 54th Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States
Searching by Frampus ID really couldn't be any easier... Click on "Search" and enter someone's Frampus ID and there they are! :)
1301-1399 Melon Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States
Tip #1: To change your design layout: Scroll to the bottom and click Design, then select a template. Pick your favorite or just alternate, its up to you!
1381 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States
Tip #2 - Setting your Frampus ID in your profile... Click the gear button in the center of your profile page, click Edit Profile, find your Frampus Tag ID column, enter your ID# and click Submit. Once its saved it will show up on your View Profile page and you are now searchable on Frampus by your Frampus... see more ID tag!
1301-1399 Melon Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States
Connect your online Frampus identity to your real-life identity by using your Frampus ID to communicate with others around you. If someone spots you on campus or in class and finds you interesting, they can search for you via your Frampus tag ID and get in touch with you on your local Frampus community!... see more It's a way of bringing your online identity to real life and enables you to make new and interesting friends that you may have never met otherwise!! =)
We'll pay for shipping!! All you have to do is sign up, build a profile, add this item to your cart and checkout using a valid mailing address. 
Help us keep Frampus ad-free by purchasing and sporting your new Frampus ID tag everywhere you go! 
Since everyone is going to be new for a while I thought maybe we should have our first group for new members to discuss what they think about our little idea so far. We think it's going to be a hit but what do you think??? Thanks for being here everyone, your presence is most appreciated I can assure... see more you!! :)-Ben
As you can clearly see we're brand new and just getting started so we're trying to collect information right from the start about what people like and dislike about our websites. We're hoping you could take a moment and tell us what you think so far. :)  All opinions are valued and will be taken into... see more consideration as we go along and try to improve things to make this the best new social community site on the internet! Thank you for your time and help! 
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