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Frampus ID Tag

Connect your online Frampus identity to your real-life identity by using your Frampus ID Tag to communicate with other students around you. If someone spots you on campus or in the city and finds you interesting, they can search for you via your Frampus Tag ID number and get in touch with you on Frampus.com!

It's a way of bringing your online identity to real life and enables you to meet new and interesting people that you may have never met otherwise! Each tag has a unique ID to distinguish you from everyone else.  =) 

We'll pay for shipping! All you have to do is sign up, build a profile, add this item to your cart and checkout using a valid mailing address. Once you receive it, affix it to your bookbag, backpack, purse or even yourself and people who spot you can search for you on Frampus.com instantly by using your Frampus ID.